Family Ranch!

Welcome To
Our Journey!

From working 9-5 to making a lifestyle best for the family!

Meet the Family!

Father: Paul J. Bailey Jr. - 36 yrs old: been a chef since he was 15years old.

Mother: Nicole I Gloor - 36 yrs old: Mortgage Processor and Loan Office Assistant.


Caiden M Gloor - 12 yrs old: visited a family farm a few times!

Cascity A Slattery - 11 yrs old: LOVES outdoors and animals!

Sawyer M Bailey - 21 months: LOVES outdoors, animals and water!

Henry M Bailey- 5years old!

Follow up on our Journey from living in a town or city throughout our lives to jumping over to farming!  We feel this will be a better quality of life as a couple and as a family.  Ups and Downs still with things but we can't wait for this experience and journey our blended family will be partaking in!

This Dream came about when we were talking it over on possibly taking over a family farm (dad's side) but that did not work out- but through all the researching and conversations- we realized we actually want to do this for US not just to keep a family farm land!